A rich heritage and legacy of hard work and determination. Seminole families contributing to the Cattleman tradition and developing quality beef.

Seminole Cattle History

As the first decade of the 21st century wraps up, the longest-lived business on the North American continent, the Florida cattle industry, is stronger than ever and the Seminole Tribe has been instrumental in its development. Today, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.’s cattle operations are ranked 12th nationally and fourth in the state as cow-calf producers.

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Seminole Cattle Timeline

  • 1740

    Creeks settled in Spanish Florida raised large herds of cattle

  • 1775

    Old Cow Keeper owned 7,000 – 10,000 near his settlement “Cuscowilla” (near present day Gainesville)

  • 1818

    American aggression toward Seminoles for slaves and cattle resulting in First Seminole War

  • 1855

    After 2nd Seminole War, 600 – 700 Seminoles remain in Florida. Seminoles continue the cattleman tradition. American cattle barons in Florida desired the rich Florida pastures

  • 1858

    3rd Seminole War, Seminole population was reduced to 200. Seminole cattlemen were harassed by rustlers therefore Seminoles hired area ranchers

  • 1935

    US Government sold Brighton Seminoles an almost dead herd of cattle from the devastated Dust Bowl States

  • 1941

    Brighton experiment deemed success. Herd to Big Cypress reservation

  • 1943

    Willie Frank, pioneer cattleman, began his involvement in cattle

  • 1957

    Tribal herds split amongst individual owners after Federal recognition

  • 1976

    Jonah Cypress began as Cattle foreman

  • 1982

    Seminole cattle operations exceed 15,000 cattle on 30,000 acres

  • 1990

    Tribe’s cattle owners began replacing Hereford stock with Brangus stock

  • 1995

    Video auction was implemented optimizing selling. Board Cattle I cow-calf operation started on 10,800 acres and 2,500 of crossbred cows on land leased from the Miccosukee Tribe

  • 1998

    Board Cattle II began, ranch located in Highlands County on 4,000 acres and 1,200 head of commercial crossbred cattle bred to be 100% Brangus bulls

  • 2002

    Board Cattle III started to raise replacement females for existing Seminole ranches

  • 2005

    Board Cattle III program switched to cow-calf operation with 850 head of cattle on 2,400 acres in Brighton leased from the Seminole Tribal Council

  • 2006

    Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.’s Cattle operation ranked 12th nationally and fourth in the state of Florida in cow-calf production

  • 2008

    Seminole Beef unveiled March 10

Seminole Pride Beef fueling Seminole Athletes!

Seminole Pride Beef

Seminole Pride Beef proudly served at Florida State University dining hall feeding all the athletes.

New York Strip

Seminole Pride Beef New York Strip

Seminole Pride Beef New York Strip at La Corte Garden Bistro in Cape Coral.

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Seminole Pride Beef

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Seminole Pride beef is source and age-verified, 100% Traceable and Certified USDA Prime and USDA Choice Beef.